Our Company offer remittances through the following different ways


    Direct Remit offers remittances through the following different means,   Bank Deposits & Bank Account Transfers Cash Over Counter (Cash Pickup) Door to Door Cash Payment Services   Besides the…

    Cash Currencies

    You can exchange foreigncurrencies at competitive prices through Direct Remit service in more than 40 countries around the world.

    Quick Customer service

    we can quick support through our correspondents-spread around the world.

    Money transfer

    Now through Direct Remit you can Get advantage of our widely spread network to send& receive your money. HOW TO SEND / RECEIVE MONEY? SEND MONEY Step 1: Visit your…


    Direct Remit Cash Payout available around the joined agents and exchange houses. The sender can visit the nearest money exchange and provide cash with the details of the beneficiary. The…

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